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Antigen-Specific T Cells (ASpecT) For Your Research

Antigen-specific T cells (ASpecT) are an important tool in T cell biology research and potency assays. Investigators can isolate them directly from the disease site (e.g., tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) or inflammatory lesion infiltrate populations), but these procedures often yield a limited number of cells due to low cell frequency and lack of robust isolation methods. Alternatively, antigen-specific T cells can be generated in vitro using antigen-presenting cells pulsed with whole antigens or peptides. However, this process is often time-consuming with a low success rate.

Ignyte Bio offers antigen-specific T cells (ASpecT) for research use you can rely on.

  • Typically generated using multiple in vitro stimulations with peptide antigens
  • Not immortalized or genetically modified, so they more closely mimic physiological T cells
  • Specificity analyzed using the cognate peptide/MHC tetramer binding as well as interferon-gamma (IFN-γ) secretion and cytotoxicity assays.

Here is a growing list of Ignyte Bio Antigen-Specific T Cells (ASpecT) products.

Cat. No. Antigen Type Antigen
TC-05 tumor gp-100
TC-06 tumor Tyrosinase
TC-07 tumor MART-1
TC-08 tumor NY-ESO-1
TC-11 tumor MUC1
CST-01 virus HPV E711-20
TC-10 virus CMV
TC-12 virus EBV
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